Why You Need To Take Your Services Online!

Promote-Your-Business-onlineDuring the time of Web 1.0 in which the internet was newly opened, only a few persons had the privilege to access the Internet, and most just visited websites to download contents. But in time, a new era was born, Web 2.0 was born, at this time, most internet users don’t just go online to download stuffs, but for much more. They now look for articles and files through search engines, read and rate articles, as well as comment on them, send and receive mails, engage in online chatting, blogging, watching online videos, … Read Post

How To Send 1000+ Free Promo Mails Daily

listservMost of Our free email service providers, such as Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail.com, etc sets a limit of 500 outgoing mails per day. What this mean is that I can only send 500 mails per day.

As an ordinary internet user, that’s more than enough. After all an average internet user would send about 10 to 100 mails per day. But as a blogger and/or internet marketer, being able to send 500 mails per day just don’t get the catch. We might be in possession of unit thousands to tens of thousands of … Read Post

How To Get Direct Paid Adverts on Your Blog

paid-or-free-trafficI’m sure every blogger and webmaster would like it if he/she could get one or two direct paid advertising monthly or even bimonthly. We put in so much to get web traffic and loyal readers, the pinnacle of monetizing omens blog. Yet, the closest we’ve gotten to in terms of Direct Advertising is Interest of Unserious/Curious persons. They ask for our ad rates, or price them, raising one’s hope, but after the agreement, they don’t act. It’s as if they just wanted to mock us and waste our time. But it’s not that

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4 Ways To Remove Rust Stains from Clothing and Fabrics

42ce3560b729fd71db6eac389c01a3f6One way or the other, we can accidentally get stained by a rusting iron. It could be that we unknowingly rested on a rusting iron structure or mistakenly hung our clothing on a rusting iron. These stains are really gonna be hard to get rid of once they set into the cloth, even with intense washing. There are 4 methods you can attempt to remove rust stains from clothing or other fabrics.

1. Lemon Juice and Salt: To use lemon juice and salt, lay and stretch out the clothing, and put some salt … Read Post

10 Common Causes Of Household Fire Outbreak

fireoutbreak1. Smoking: Smoking is one of the common fire starter in a home. One may dispose off a cigarette into a waste bin of papers or close to flammables and this may re-ignite the cigarette and set the flammables in the home ablaze.

2. Faulty Burners: Most Nigerians have the manage-it-spirit. We don’t have that time or money to waste just to have that irrelevant material. After all, the device is still functioning. However, we are advised to repair any faulty device we have at home, especially when they are Burners. Example of … Read Post